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    We saw it at Interzoo, wrote about it coming to North America a few months back and now the AquaMedic Yasha nano reef aquarium is getting closer to being available to the public. We had the chance to get our hands on one of these right before ReefStock and wanted to take a quick tour around the tank and give our first impressions. We will have the AquaMedic Yasha on display at Reef Stock with the livestock from the raffle inside where we will be able to make a better*judgement*on the system overall. More pics and details after the break.

    Right off the bat there is no hiding the fact AquaMedic is proud of this small all-in-one system running on just 18W total — and there is a sticker in the middle of the box to prove it, on both sides.*For just under 10 gallons, this will make a nice little open top aquarium that will definitely catch some attention. We are optimistic on the*trio of 3W spotlights to have enough spread and power to be able to support a range of corals. The*Yasha sports a*Turboflotor 500 Blue skimmer and a*Nanoprop 5000 circulation pump*tucked neatly in the back with a slotted outlet on the right side and the return on the left to handle all your circulation and cleaning needs.

    The AquaMedic Yasha still isn’t*available*for purchase and should be sometime later this year for around $350 to $400. It’s hard to say how this will perform overall over time but the Yasha has some promise. If you are in Denver this weekend, come on by Reef Stock and see this tank in action.











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