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    It’s been a long time coming but after a year of anticipation it seems like the AI Nano LED light is finally here and shipping to resellers. The small AI Nano really deserves its nano moniker, measuring in at about a quarter the size of the AI Sol while putting out more than half as much light. We were pleasantly surprised to see the AI Nano LED ship with an included adjustable mounting arm which will allow the AI Nano LED to starting rocking solid state light over your reef tank right out of the box. The molded plastic mounting arm is a contrast to the higher quality semi-gloss white finish of the AI Nano’s exterior but is clamps onto half inch trimless glass tank edges while channeling the power cable out of sight.

    ai-nano-led-3.jpg Like its predecessor the AI Nano LED has Cree’s finest white, blue and royal blue LEDs including the insanely bright Cree XML. The AI Nano LED has built-in controls for adjusting the intensity of all three color channels but the internal controls are deactivated when the AI Nano LED is plugged into or daisy chained to the AI Controller.* The touch controls on the AI Nano are incredibly sensitive and once you touch a button, the short flash of light from the selected color channel makes it easy to know which color you are adjusting.

    There’s not much else to say about the AI Nano except that it is extremely quiet, small and simple to install – there’s just quite nothing else like going from the box to over a tank in five minutes without even having to crack open the directions. Stay tuned for a full review of the AI Nano LED over water and be sure to keep reading for lots more hands-on pictures of the AI Nano and comparison beside the AI Sol.


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