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3 Jan 2009
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hey guys i am going to attempt my first diy led build lol

here is my tanks dimensions

L : 1500
H : 600
W : 600

how many leds will i need ? wil 90 leds be enough mixed 50/50
50% cool white and 50% royal blue i will only be keeping softies and lps

any suggestions or ideas are welcome thanx alot guys :thumbup::thumbup:
My tank is the same size but 80cm deep and I have 70leds I also have 4x54w T5. The LEDs alone are not enough for my tank. 7 of my LEDs are UV and 7 red. I have dialled these down and if I did it again, I would have gone with plain white/blue 50/50. You should be fine.
thanx bud i think 90 leds should be fine. The only reason why i am doing it diy is the led units today are way overpriced, diy is ALOT cheaper imho, with the optic side i think i will go with 60 degree lenses and every third Led i will put a 120 degree lens
How high are you going to have the lights? 120degree might make the spread a bit too wide, I would stick with 60degree. The other nice thing about DIY is that you can make the exact size you want.
I would buy the first. The second has the lens far away from the action so you will lose light to the black sides. The third looks similar on the lense but the bottom does not look like it will fit on the LEDs that easily.
Oky so started playing with my new toys lol

And now all the fun starts. All the wire stripping and soldering. On my last build I used warm white, blue and royal blue. The warm white brought out the reds and browns. And it came out very nicely.
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