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    Theres definitely something different about some of the tiny little babies in Matt Pedersen’s first clutch of Lightning Maroon clownfish, worthy enough of more macro photos and a video. With this new round of close-ups, you can definitely see more than one weird aberation in the first generation of the*Lightning*Maroon x regular maroon, both from Papua New Guinea. Even at this age with barely one bar showing there is a clear differentiation*between siblings, with narrow striped individuals contrasting their broad and bluish barred brothers.*

    lightning-maroon-offspring-1-150x150.jpg lightning-maroon-offspring-4-150x150.jpg lightning-maroon-offspring-5-150x150.jpg lightning-maroon-offspring-2-150x150.jpg lightning-maroon-offspring-3-150x150.jpg lightning-maroon-offspring1-150x150.jpg The first crop of lightning maroon clownfish offspring still have a long way to go before they will reveal their full patterning, and we still have more clutches of baby lightning maroons to look forward to. If these aberrant F1 PNG maroon clownfish look anything like their mama, it may not be too long until we have a new designer maroon clownfish in the hobby, first with the potential fixing of the lightning maroon trait and later on with more strains derived from this and other maroon clownfish crosses.

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