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    Pelleted coral foods are slowly catching in the reef aquarium world with aquarium company BCUK adding three new formulations to their First Bite line of fish foods. In addition to the more general Reef Pellets, First Bite SPS Coral Food and LPS Coral Food are two distinct sizes of granulated foods especially formulated for the large and the small coral polyps.

    sps-coral-food.png * lps-coral-food.jpg Like many contemporary prepared aquarium foods First Bite LPS & SPS Coral Foods preserve the nutrition of the starting ingredients by not raising the temperature above 40C (104F) at any point during the production process. First Bite LPS coral foods appear to be approximately ‘medium’ sized pellets of 1mm and below while the fine particles of the First Bite SPS Coral Food is in the 20 micron range.

    The 60% protein and 15% lipid content of these coral foods will likely provide an ample nutrient source to supplement photosynthetic corals, although fish, soft corals and non-photosynthetic (Azoox) corals are sure to enjoy them too. Such a concentrated food comes with its share of phosphate, as do all foods. so try not to overdo it, especially if First Bite LPS & SPS Coral Foods are as expensive as dry coral pellets often tend to be.*[BCUK via*Acuaristica]
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