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Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by munch, 8 Aug 2014.

  1. munch


    25 Mar 2010
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    Bought a Firefish and Torch Coral on 20 July and added to my 33 Gallon tank with no other Corals and 2 Clown Fish.

    I have problems with both but will start with only the Firefish in this post. I acclimated an hour adding a cup of tank water every 15 minutes. He was not very happy and just hid the first few days and I could not get him to eat pellets. I bought liquid zoo plankton and he did eat that. However he remained hidden behind the rock and only came out (a few cm) to eat.

    I thought he was lonely or did not like the clowns who never attacked him. So I got him a mate a week later. The 2 met the following day when I added food and the new addition immediately went to the 1st one. He also encouraged the first one to take a swim around the rest of the tank and introduced him to new hiding spots in the rocks rather than behind the big rock. He continued to use both hideouts for the next few days and looked happier. Eventually he became more reserved again and most hid behind the big rock and the newer firefish often joined him there. He then also stopped eating anything at all. I have also at some point started feeding frozen food from time to time and he also ate that. However at this point he did not eat zooplanton or frozen.

    Last night he was under the rocks again and I could see him breathing heavily. The cleaner shrimp tried to clean him however he rejected it by knocking the tiny shrimp with his tail. This morning he was dead in the front of my tank with the crab feeding on him.

    Tank conditions(Red sea test kit):
    Ph 8.2
    KH 6.5dKH 2.3Meg/L
    Total Ammonia 0
    Nitrate 5
    Nitrite 0 - 0.05
    2014/08/06 (Dead snail)
    Ammonia 0

    Other recent events/losses:
    Dead Turbo Snail found and consumed by hermit crab on 2014/08/06
    Dead Turbo snail a a few weeks ago
    Dead cleaner shrimp, however was practically dead in the bag due to stress even before adding it to the tank.
    Torch Coral losing 1 head every few days. On it's last healthy head right now.

    I am not sure why so many things are dying. I was told KH is a bit low for the coral and dosed 2mg buffer for 1 day then stopped because I did not want to risk further stressing the fish which was ill.

    However keep this discussion to the firefish unless the events are considered related.

    I have plenty flow in the tank if not too much at times and enough live rock +-15kg

    Did he just struggle to adjust to the tank life? Was he infected by a parasite? I could not see any whitespot. Is there something wrong with my water parameters? Is the diet not suffiecnt? What could be the cause? I am afraid the other firefish could suffer the same fate and am afraid to add more lifestock due to the losses.
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  3. SilverWolf


    26 Mar 2014
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    When i just started out i bought the most beautiful 11 head green torch coral. It was open and beautiful for the first few days. The the poop hit the fan, it started not opening, then bleached, then started rotting away. (Brown jelly disease?) i was dumbstruck. I did everything possible to save it....

    Coral dip.

    In the end i was left with one head. Slowly but surely its coming around.

    To this day i don't know what caused it. The remaining head is doing better everyday. But for how long i don't know.
  4. ShaunSwindon


    22 Nov 2010
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    One needs to remember we are removing fragile living organisms out of their natural environment and inserting them into firstly the foreign LFS water and then a few weeks later into our tanks. Again a different water :whistling:

    The fact that these poor things make it to the end of their journey is a miracle in itself :(
  5. 459b

    459b Moderator

    12 Mar 2008
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    Cape Town
    Fire fish are generally shy fish that hide most of the time.
    I highly doubt fish would eat liquid zooplankton. If it wasn't eating pellets, you should try various forms of frozen. Mysis or brine shrimp usually get the fish eating. Else lobster eggs or something like reef paste also work.
    Your kh is a bit low. What is your calcium and magnesium levels?

    Can you perhaps post a pic of the tank?
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