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    If you’ve been following along with our Fluorescent Friday series and you’re getting the itch to go diving you might what to check out this website before your next trip. Fire Dive Gear is a great online resource for fluorescence diving and they have lots of scientific and practical background information on their website.

    Fire dive gear sells high quality dive lights, barrier filters and excitation filters all made with the highest quality LEDs and filter materials available. They will even make a custom filter to fit your make of camera and strobe!

    Check out the science section on their website to learn more about the use of UV excitation lights and blue excitation lights, lumens and more. If you have never tried fluo diving, it is quite a sight to see the underwater world shimmering with neon lights.

    Fire dive gear also offers a certification course for fluorescence diving detailing the physics and biology of the process, diving and photography techniques as well as equipment recommendations, safety procedures and much, much more. The course can be taken by those divers who already have a PADI certification (SSI coming soon), and you can learn to become a “citizen scientist” while doing recreational dives.

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