finally, my upgrade is ready

23 May 2014
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So basically this is my first post about a tank here, but hey, lets go for it.

Started off, just a little over a year ago with a Boyu TL-550, while this was a great learning experience into my marine adventure this tank quickly grew to small for my liking (yeah I have been warned that in this hobby, big is never big enough) anyway I decided about 4 months ago it's time for an upgrade as I could not handle the 130L tank anymore an needed more space.

Hence I started the planning and working out the budget, just had to make this work some way or another.
So I designed my tank and stand using google sketch up.

The tank I designed was 1500 x 600 x 450, the one side shorter at 420 high where my water overflows to go down to my sump. The tank is about 350L taking into account the displacement from the rocks and the substrate.

The sump was also a custom build and is running at about 90L, dimensions of 920 x 400 x 300.
adding the two together gives me a total system volume of 430L.

Equipment are as follow:
BubbleMagus Curve 5 Skimmer
300W Dophin Heater
Jebao DCT4000 return pump
Jebao RW-8 Wave maker
120W and 90W Pharos LED light with controller
Bought a STC-1000 temperature controller but is yet to be connected with the heater and fan.

Been seeding my tank with Lance fish and after quite a few tests it's safe to say I might start adding fish and coral.
Tank parameters:
Temperature = 25
S.G = 1.026
pH = 8.1
Calcium = 400
Magnesium = 1600
dKH = 9.0
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = 0
Nitrate = 10
Phosphate = 0.05

Speaking of phosphate and Nitrate, if anybody is clearing out some Chaeto soon please give me shout!





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