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    The Fin Feeder is a new design for a nano automatic fish feeder, launching now on KickStarter, which aims to make meal deliveries to our beloved fish, simpler, and easier. The skinny little Fin Feeder is not designed to be a huge hopper for feeding a big community fish or reef tank, but is instead targeted at feeding nano tanks and fish bowls a small and adjustable amount of pellets a few times a day.

    The ingenuity of the Fin Feeder’s design is that it re-purposes an old-school style quartz clock movement to create a small and reliable automatic feeder that is also light on the wallet. Quartz clocks movements have been in use for almost ninety years so it’s a really clever design to repurpose the concept into an automatic fish feeder.

    The only limitation is that the small Fin Feeder can keep dropping food to your betta or nano tank for weeks, but it isn’t for a densely populated fish tank which need a measurable amount of food each day. We think that a small affordable and versatile feeder like this one ought to appeal especially to the fish breeders out there who may have a dozen breeder tanks but don’t want to drop $40 or more on a decent aquarium fish feeder.

    The real beauty of the Fin Feeder is that since it uses super basic technology to deliver a reliable fish feeder, the Fin Feeder only costs $15 a piece! If you know you’re going to like this kind of feeder you can go ahead and buy two for $25 or if you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can get TEN Fin Feeders for $99.

    At that price an LFS can afford to mark it up and sell it at retail in their shop, or the fish breeders out there could finally afford to have auto fish feeders on each tank as a supplement for those days when you can’t get around to feeding each one by hand. I am particularly bad sometimes about feeding all my tanks each and every day so I am personally going to pick up a two-pack and look forward to trying the Fin Feeder out when they start shipping this July. [KickStarter]
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