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    The Filter Sock Silencer is an ingenious new device that you may have never heard of, because before this week the thing didn’t really exist. It’s only in the last five years or so that filter socks have really hit mainstream uses in non-commercial hobby scale marine aquarium filters.

    Where commercial uses of filter socks in professional filters never cared about the sound they make when water crashes down into the them, with the rise in the use and popularity of using filter socks as a method of prefiltering aquarium water, the noise they create from splashing water has become more apparent. To counter this Royal Exclusiv has devised a simple solution which is basically a combination drip-plate for mediating the flow of water into the filter sock, together with a “snorkel” to allow air to escape the assembly and further reducing noise levels.

    This being a hand-crafted Royal Exclusiv product you know of course the filter sock silencer is over engineered with countersunk drip holes and fancy red tubing for the air outlet. It would be easy enough to DIY one yourself but if you want the fit and finish, Royal Exclusiv just started offering these on their website for a measly 15€ and compatible with filter socks with a diameter of 95mm (3.75 inches). [Royal Exclusiv]

    Dreambox® Silencer for Filter-socks / bags - YouTube
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