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    Everyone has probably used a regular autofeeder at one point. They offer chambers that are able to hold a couple weeks of food worth and are usually easy to program, the simple rotation design furthermore leaves little room for mechanical error. The FFAZ automation systems ain’t like a regular feeding system however. They are like crazy robots shooting massive quantities of food at your fish. While with regular feeders you’ll be stuck with a maximum amount of a couple grams, the FFAZ robots can handle up to 550 pounds of food a day. The robot can go down to as little as 5 grams, but who’d want that anyways?

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    The FFAZ robots probably aren’t exactly suited for all but the most massive aquariums, and the reef aquarium industry is likely not even on their radar, but it is still pretty cool none the less. For more crazy videos, or if you happen to be fortunate enough to need one, head over to the FFAZ website.
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