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    Hi guys/gals Well firstly my water readings r all fine. I jst want to know for the near future (God forbid) if somethin had to jst go wrong, what can be used and How to use it if the followin r to low or to high Ph,ca,magnesium etc and if nitrates,nitrites, ammonia and phoshates r to high. Whats the best brand or home solution. I only have a FOWLR for now So im only testin ammonia,nitrates/rites and ph. Oh and on water clarity as well as green, red and all sorts of algae Thanks in advance
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    If some important parameters suddenly go out and can be life threatening, do what Anthony Calfo says:

    "Dilution is the solution to polution" ;)

    in other words, do an emergency water change and then smaller water changes there after maybe a few days apart. Always have saltwater ready incase of emergency.
    Just by practicing good husbandry by not overfeeding and doing 10% weekly water changes your parameters should be stable. I test my water weekly for all other parameters and check my pH and temp daily. I also record all finding in a diary.

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