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    Hi Guys and Gals!

    I am in need of macroalgaes to get a planted marine setup going. Why? I had a decent softie tank running for over a year, and was very proud of it. One Sunday after coming home from a weekend away my tank was in ruins. I suspect I had a massive PH drop. I dont know how. Electricity could have also gone of while I was away? Anyway!

    I have rebuilt the tank while cycling my LR in a holding tank. Fish where in a little tank with a rock and skimmer only. Fish and rocks are in DT again with a few modifications and running very well, except for a fair amount of cayanobacteria on rocks. I dont mind it really, as it is going away slowly and cleaning my LR.

    New plan of action!!!! My plan is now to get a macroalgae tank running with only a few softies. I dont see many planted marine tanks on MASA. I find them very interesting and "alive", but I cant seem to find any macros for sale anywhere, and this is a problem. I have done allot of research on a planted system and am sure this setup would suit me much better.

    Pic of my tank a few months before crash.

    This is what I have in mind!



    So please people, anybody got macro,s to spare? I will buy it and pay postage!

    I will start a new planted tank thread with new tank modifications and so on when im happy with my progress.

    Thanks people!!!!
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