[FS] Feeler, Massive Cube Tank (CPT)

4 Jun 2009
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Cape Town
Hi guys,

I'm thinking about downgrading to a smaller tank for a bunch of reasons.
Would just like to see if there if a need:

I have a Cube tank 1600mm x 1550mm by 800H in 15mm glass all euro braced with 19mm glass base and bracings, all in black silicone and no scratches.
Coast to coast black perspex laser cut overflow with 4 50mm valved drains Tank itself is over 1700L Back wall of tank and portion of base has habitat epoxy natural rock look.

Sump is at the back in a "Engine room" 2600mm L x 700mm W by 450mm H with various compartments including holding tank area, fuge etc. 800L

As they where both built on brick and concrete work you would require to get a stand made up.

Don't wanna know what it cost, but would be willing to accept offers around the R20k mark. will be way to large to ship I think?

It's still running so would require a few weeks to sort out.