Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by rakabos, 16 Aug 2010.

  1. rakabos


    12 Jul 2010
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    Wilgeheuwel, JHB
    Hi guys

    I just need some advice on feeding my critters. I have the following:

    1x Scopas Tang
    1x One spot foxface
    1x Percula clown
    1x Tomato clown
    1x Cardinal
    1x Jumping bean
    1x Mozambique blennie
    1x shrimp goby
    1x Royal gramma
    3x Shrimps (camel/peppermint/cleaner)
    2x Blue legged Hermits
    4x Turbo snails
    1x Brittle star

    Its a newish tank and i have been feeding them pellets up till now and placing seaweed/algae in a clip on the side of the tank. The tang and foxface chows on that.

    The 2 largest fish are the foxface and Tang. I recently added the blennie/jumping bean/cardinal/gramma. The two big fish snap up all the food before the rest of the newbies get any. So what can i do to feed them and what else should i add to the overall diet?

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  3. keyaam


    28 Jul 2008
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    Cape Town
    Get some Omega marine flakes. I personally prefer feeding the whole range of Omega flakes but marine flakes will suffice for now. Also try and get some mysis shrimp and feed once a week
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