Feeding your fish doesnt get easier than this!

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    Good Morning All,

    Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. :m04:

    Who enjoys thawing and rinsing their frozen foods before feeding their fish??? :m15: Definitely not me!!! NYOS has made feeding our fish the more delicious items such as Copepods, Artemia and Mysis as simple as twisting the cap off and pouring it directly into your tank :m15::m15::m15: That simple yes!!!



    NYOS® GOLDPODS is a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which contains arctic copepods.



    NYOS® ARTEMIS is a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which contains Artemia salina.



    NYOS® CHROMYS is a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which contains Mysis relicta.

    For more information and pricing please contact a participating retailer today :m41:

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