Featured System October 2007 - neilharris

Our Featured System this month belongs to neilharris...

Congratulations on a stunning system.


click on the pic to read all about this system
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Congrats to Neil on having his tank as our very first Featured System :)
Congrats Niel, well deserved :thumbup:
When I grow up I also want a tank like that! Very nice!
What an incredible surprise. The last three months masa.... and personal self indulgence... have been on the back burner for me. On the odd occasion when i did visit, it was fleeting and without focus. I have just read your tank thread and pstm award :yeahdude: What a fantastic frikkin gem. This is one beautiful rig...and only 5 months old...i hope i speak for all masa members... when i say we are flattered to have you as a contributor.
Was checking out your (wicked) photos and you have a colony labeled as Favia. Is this not Platygyra?
WOW how did I miss this?

Amazing, just amazing
Man, when I read little reef the first words that came to mind:Newbies algae farm!
WTF? I cant believe it!!!! What a stunner!!!
Neil, I have only been in hobby for 6 months now, and this is so awesome that one can only strive to get a setup like this. FANTASTIC
Was checking out your (wicked) photos and you have a colony labeled as Favia. Is this not Platygyra?

Hi Sunburst,

I have always thought it is a favia, but now you have me wondering:) . I will have to have a closer look this evening in my coral atlas.

Thank-you guys for the kind comments:thumbup: . The tank has changed a bit now, with a few of the bigger sps colonies finding new homes in some friends tanks. A lot more lps in there and a few gorgonia too. Have also changed the reef on the rhs to acommodate more corals. Will get a pic up soon:slayer: .

Mmm so I'm not the only thinking of cutting back on the SPS and going with more LPS..

Cool Neil, look forward to the pics ;)
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