Featured System - July 2013 - Marius Meyer

Our Featured System for July 2013 belongs to @mariusmeyer.

Congratulations on a beautiful system.


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And as an added bonus, read about this tank in full glossy print in the July/August issue of The Fishkeeper magazine. :)
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Now this, I 100% agree with!!! Your tank has been worthy of tank of the month for at least the past year!
Well done @mariusmeyer! Your tank has always been an inspiration to me & i'm sure a lot of other MASA members as well!
Well deserved!

Just one question... Do you really want to be suing Orca? lol
The cubes have definitely lowered my nutrient levels while using them in the reactor and I am sure they will continue to do so by suing them in the recommended fashion.
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Congrats Marius! This is really well deserved! :)
great achievement! and awesome tank :)
Well done Marius, this is truly well deserved. Should have happened ages ago.
congrats and very well done...tank is beaut and really deserves this great achievement :thumbup:
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