Featured System for June 2010 - World Cup Edition - Bushman

fantastic achievments rod, i know of all the battles and difficulties, and recent pain youve gone through so creating a tank of this quality in such a rural location truley is an amazing achievements.

its still rates as one of the best tanks ive ever seen in person world wide, and ive been priveledged to see some great tanks.

well done on a truley well deserved award bushman, may the blue sponge never return:)

Thanks Crispin

The bad news is the blue is back and plenty of it. It will just have to stay.

Thanks for the support and encouragmnet
Fantastic tank bushman! You've done incredibly well considering were you are based.

How do you go about doing the 80% waterchange?
I have looked at many tanks on the internet. There are some huge tanks out there, my favorite being one in Cape Town but let me truly say that your tank, Bushman is the one that I inspire to have, will keep in my favorites and always go back to to inspire me more - to remind me how its done. Congratulations and very well done.
sorry to hear about the blue, a pity the queen angelfish is not reef safe, they would decimate the sponges
Well done on TOTM. Beautiful tank and well deserved after all the blood sweat and tears, (and not a little cash;)).

Dallas, the format is very cool, from almost no pics to plenty, and they move. Very nice.:)
Well done Bushman!

You have an inspirational system
well done bushman.............excellent tank

must be really rewarding to sit in front of that tank and to say its yours
Congratulations Bushman... well done and well deserved. Thanks too for sharing your approach, advice, and story of struggles to help us all learn. Beautiful tank!
Thanks Bob! I try to please all reefers
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A great tank built and maintained very far away from any LFS

Well done, Well played !
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