Featured System for June 2010 - World Cup Edition - Bushman

Congratulations Bushman. You have one awesome tank there.:thumbup:
Well done bushman.... Sorry to jack this but was looking at the first smiley peter posted ... It's called a "notworthy" smiley but I think its quite the opposite ... Meant to ask this about a year ago kept slipping my mind
Was waiting for this one, congratulations Bushman, you deserve the title ;)
A beautiful tank indeed :)
Congrats man, very cool tank you have there!! :thumbup:

Chicka - the "notworthy" is a reference to the bowing down and being not worthy scene from Waynes World...if you haven't watched it do yourself a favour and try and find a copy, one of the all time comedy classics.
Thanx Kunhardt .... It just was seeming odd that something that was "worthy" of looking at and would seek aknowledgement and a kinda "respect" would be given a ref like "notworthy" But I love comedies so will try to source out the movie ... Then maybe will make more sense....
It had something to do with the two characters bowing and chanting "wer'e not worthy" in the presence of someone who was better.

In this case, it means that I take my hat off to the really well done tank. It is the sort of system many of us can only dream about as we are still learning how it is all put together and the details of how to get it done - not just done, but WELL DONE.
Nice setup Congrads. :thumbup:
fantastic achievments rod, i know of all the battles and difficulties, and recent pain youve gone through so creating a tank of this quality in such a rural location truley is an amazing achievements.

its still rates as one of the best tanks ive ever seen in person world wide, and ive been priveledged to see some great tanks.

well done on a truley well deserved award bushman, may the blue sponge never return:)
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