Featured System December 2012 - Helga

Our Featured System for December 2012 belongs to @Helga.

Congratulations on a beautiful aquarium.


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Amazing! And well deserved @Helga
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This is an awesome system!!! Gave me so much inspiration for my new cube!!! @Helga, very very well done!!!
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Another tank that I aspire too, well done. I certainly can take a leaf in the "keep it tidy" side of things! I could hug you right now!
Wow!!! Finally, someone worthy of the title!!!!
You truely deserve it helga, well done!!!
Congrats Helga!
This is well deserved, your tank is absolutely stunning!
Well done @Helga.
Guys, you need to do yourself a favour and see this tank in person.
It is stunning. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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....and that's what you get for having patience and dedication and and and!...a truly amazing tank! very well deserved @Helga ... Congrats on such an awesome achievement :thumbup:.....pls don't stop with your thread pics though,always look forward to them..
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