Featured System December 2007 - Mekaeel

Congratulations to mekaeel on having his system featured.


click on the pic to read all about this system

Mekaeel, your complimentary hamper of Omega One fish foods will be on it's way to you shortly, compliments of Henk Hugo from Omega One Fish Foods, undoubtedly one of the most favoured foods by marine aquarists worldwide.

Gongrats Miki:lol: looking good and surely something to be proud off
welldone mekaeel !! they probly just couldnt find a pic of mine!! lol
Well done Mekaeel.

A worthy choice. Was lucky enough to see this system in the flesh.
again well done mekaeel! are yo not setting up a cube anymore?
sounds cool! im now setting up a clam cube!
nice on buddy!!

why only 1 pic and no write up?
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