Featured System August 2008 - Lanzo

Our featured tank for August 2008 belongs to lanzo

A truly inspirational tank for any beginner entering the hobby.


Click on the photo to see the full feature.

Your free hamper of Omega One foods compliments of Henk Hugo of www.peckoltia.co.za will be on it's way to you shortly.​

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Well done Lanzo! Your tank is a real inspiration dude, you have an awesome collection of creatures there esp that predator thingy! How's your nennie doing, is it still a bit bleached?

I'm still sad that you lost the coolest blennie ever dude...

Keep up the good work man!

Defiantely a tank worth sitting in front of for hours on end. Well done mate, truely a well deserved tank of the month.- Now frag and sell....LoL
Nice one boet. its about time hey! that tank was the first real reef i'd got to see when i was starting out. stunning piece of work...

Enjoy it boet, i helped take frags from that tank so i get some of the OMEGA food right?:whistling:
:whoohoo::notworthy: There can be no doubt, that this is well deserved recognition. An amazing turn around, and i agree... a true Zen garden.

Well done Lanzo
wow, congrats of the recognition, but more so on a stunning piece of reef. Very well done fella you'll be an inspiration to many a convert.

heavens if we ever wanted to get a guy away from bath water we could just send him you:)
nicely done boet... you have done well on a limited budget... all the money in the world cannot buy you experience and know how.. it only gets you expensive gadgets..
Congrats Dude, and still a young system... Looking great, proving a tank without a lot of SPS can look stunning!:thumbup:
Well done China, shows you boys from Pretoria not just good at growing mielies ;)

Keep it up :thumbup:
Firstly Lanzo congratulations on a worthy Features aquarium - a real feather in your cap and richly deserved.
Secondly i think you have proven that it isn't just mega bucks that creates a good tank but hard work and perseverence, well, that and no social life :)
Looks great fella, keep up the hard work.
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