Feather Worms

23 Apr 2015
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Hi, I have a 5-6 cm feather worm that I have had now for about 4-5 months. Was doing well. Got home and the feather thingy that comes out the tube was not there. Seems it somehow got detached from the tube. Is there a way this can be rescued...Is the feather thingy a worm attached to it and would it work if I could put the worm feather thingy back into the tube. If not would another feather thingy grow out were the original was.
Annelids are stunning additions to home aquariums and don't need a lot of care in a established tank ,void of angels and butterflies they will do very well , how ever a sudden change in salinity or temperature will cause them shed the plume "fan" , remove the plume and throw away , keep parameters stable and a very close eye on the tube , your nose will tell you if its given up on life , if you lucky it might pull through , good luck dude
thx, water par stable, had a pump that slid down and think it was blowing too hard on the fan
yes, thought I would add the double again to see if I could improve circulation and get rid of some algae
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