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    The Fauna Marin Marine Bakto Blend is an interesting concept, and not just because of bacteria. Marine Bakto Blend is to be the first of a three part bacteria additive Fauna Marin is set to release in full later this year. Considering that we’ve never really seen three part bacteria solutions in the hobby just yet, this is a very curious progression especially with the current significance of bacteria dosing. We’re not entirely sure how the two other products will supplement the Marine Bakto Blend since this point, the other two products have not yet been released, but* ould probably assume a nutrient source for the bacteria along with perhaps a different supplementary bacteria cocktail.

    Marine Bakto Blend will be an bacteria solution and will serve as the basis of the three part bacteria regime. The new Fauna Marin product contains several relevant strains of bacteria along with associated enzymes for optimal nutrient removal.* The product was developed exclusively for reef aquarium use and thus does not contain bacteria for fresh water or ponds. Marine Bakto Blend is manufactured in Germany and is highly concentrated. Pricing and US availability is currently not yet known, but the Marine Bakto Blend is suppose to release in the next couple of days.
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