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8 May 2007
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The Fathom Drone is an exciting new device that unlocks the secrets of deep waters without ever having to get wet. What makes the fathom drone unique is that it has a single turbine engine and it was built with the user in mind. 

The Fathom promises to be simple to use compared to previous drones on the market which tend to be more expensive and complicated. The Fathom will be controlled by a smartphone app as the design team wants anyone to be able to explore underwater realms with ease, plug it in, launch the app and go.

Co-creator of the Fathom drone, Danny Vessel told the BBC, his inspiration came from a lake in Michigan. He had heard a story of wrecks at the bottom of the lake, however when he was looking for a submersible camera to help look for them, the only options were high end cameras used by oceanographic researchers.
The Fathom team is currently testing a prototype of their new underwater exploration device. The Fathom uses a single turbine engine propulsion system, the water is directed through holes in the shell allowing the used to navigate and surface the device. 

Exploring deep waters of fresh water lakes to find wrecks is cool and all, but you know where our head is at. We want to know how well the Fathom drone will fare in seawater, and how deep it can go so that aquarist-explorers can plumb the deep twilight reefs and look for neat corals and rare exotic marine fish.

The fathom will likely sell for around $450 and you can pre-order your own on the company website. We are eagerly waiting to hear more about the in-depth technologies used in the Fathom.

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