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    Malawi to debate public farting ban
    2011-02-04 14:22
    Blantyre - Malawian lawmakers will next week debate a law change to criminalise public farting, which a cabinet minister said had been encouraged by democracy.

    "The government has a right to ensure public decency. We are entitled to introduce order in the country," justice and constitutional affairs minister George Chaponda told independent radio station Capital Radio.

    "Would you like to see people farting in public anywhere?"

    Since the country embraced multi-party politics 16 years ago people had felt free to fart anywhere, said Chaponda.

    "It was not there during the time of dictatorship because people were afraid of the consequences. Now because of multipartism or freedom, people would like to fart anywhere, he said.

    Chaponda, a key figure in President Bingu wa Mutharika's government, said that if Malawians cannot control their farting "they should go to the toilet instead of farting in public".

    "Nature can be controlled... it becomes a nuisance if people fart anywhere."

    Old law

    A lawyer himself, Chaponda said that under the amended law farting will be considered a minor offence.

    Chaponda's Democratic Progressive Party will bank on its majority to pass the amendment to a law which was first introduced in 1929.

    The amendment, which will make farting in public an offence, is not yet public and it will be presented to parliament for debate as part of a review by the state-sponsored Law Commission of the country's penal code.

    Nobody in Malawi has been arrested nor convicted for farting under the old law, as police did not enforce it.

    The old law states: "Any person who voluntarily vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour."

    The southern African state is a conservative society with punishable previous bans on long hair for men and trouser-wearing for women.

    - AFP
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    Haha, and breeding fish is bad :)
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  4. Trev

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    This was posted on another forum I visit and one guy in perticular had a very good reply I will go find it and post it here
  5. Trev

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    A fart is a pleasant thing,
    It gives the belly ease,
    It warms the bed in winter,
    And suffocates the fleas.

    A fart can be quiet,
    A fart can be loud,
    Some leave a powerful,
    Poisonous cloud

    A fart can be short,
    Or a fart can be long,
    Some farts have been known
    To sound like a song......

    A fart can create
    A most curious medley,
    A fart can be harmless,
    Or silent, and deadly.

    A fart might not smell,
    While others are vile,
    A fart may pass quickly,
    Or linger a while......

    A fart can occur
    In a number of places,
    And leave everyone there,
    With strange looks on their faces .
    From wide-open prairie,
    To small elevators,
    A fart will find all of
    Us sooner or later.

    But farts are all bad,
    Is simply not true-
    We must never forget.......
    Sweet old farts like you!
    Kinda brings a tear to your eye !
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