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    Good day All

    We've just received the following shipment of Fish, Hermit Crabs, Snails & Anemonies that are, once again, selling at really low prices. So, come on in and get some great deals on livestock.

    Tangs/Surgeons - Powder Blue (R295), Clown (R229), Convicts (R159), Scopas (R159) & Regals (R325).
    Damsels - Green Chromis & Domino @ R49
    Blennies/Gobies - Midas (R259), Selarias (R139), Gold Head (R159), Two Stripe Goby(R159)
    Wrasses - Cleaner (R79), Formosa (R159), Fairy (R159), Six Line (R139)
    Angels - Jumping Bean (R365), Semicirculatus (R239)
    Butterfly - Threadfin (R170), Teardrop (R229)
    Blue Spotted Grouper (R195).
    Yellow Tangs on special @ an unbelievable R450

    We also have Anemonie Crabs @ R45, Hermits @ R29, Turbo Snails @ R29, Beautiful Rabianthus Anemonies @ R259, Kenya Tree soft Corals @ R195 plus many more soft and stony Corals at really low prices.



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