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    When it comes to reef aquarium gear there are toys and then there are*Toys with a capital T. The C Explorer 5 submersible is in the latter category, basically offering to carry you down to the depths of the sea anytime you like. Priced at roughly $2.5 million, the C Explorer 5 is way out of our price range but perhaps it could be rented to do some important deepwater fish collection.

    The C Explorer 5 is not just a submersible as it is intended to be a luxurious deep sea ride to 100, 200 or 300 meters deep depending on the model. The C Explorer 5 has options like an ROV,*remote-control manipulator arm, sonar, underwater GPS and LED lighting so you can easily see that bladefin basslet you want to catch.

    All joking aside, no reefer is likely loaded enough to seriously buy the C Explorer 5 as a simple toy to joyride around the reefs. However, the fact that a submersible like the C Explorer 5 is being made it all bodes well for our knowledge of deep sea life. With the Curasub doing it thing in Curacao, Deep Sea Challengers hoisting up amazing deep water finds in Japan, perhaps the C Explorer 5 could make its way around to Cook Island and Mauritius so we could get more familiar with Peppermint and Guezei angelfish. [Wired]

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