Exotic Aquariums - Indian Ocean shipment landed

1 Dec 2009
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Northmead, Benoni
Hi Guys

We have landed a really nice shipment of Indian Ocean fish and invertebrates from one of our exclusive suppliers of ethically sourced quality livestock, thus cutting out all the middlemen and bringing fantastic prices directly to our customers.

Amazing specials include:yeahdude:

500 Cleaner shrimps to go:thumbup:

1x cleaner shrimp R125
2x cleaner shrimp R200
3x cleaner shrimp R270
4x cleaner shrimp R320
5x cleaner shrimp R360:eek:

40 Naso Tangs (stunning) R250 each

140 Fire cracker shrimps R150 each

150 Diamond gobies R95 each

Many other species arrived, please visit the store view this amazing shipment or contact us directly for more info.
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Ill for sure jump on the wagon if the other Cape Town guys dont mind? Maybe we can get an even better deal if we do a group buy.:p
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Hi Guys

Shipping to Cape town is no problem. The shipping costs would be extra of course, and if there are a couple of guys we could even consolidate the order into a box so as to keep costs low, or if you want your own box of premium livestock we will do that of course.


Hi guys

For those of you who supported us yesterday, a big Thank You from all off us at Exotic.

The special is still available and we are open from 9am-4pm today

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