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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following great looking stock:

    Yellow Fin Tangs (Acanthurus Tomeninsens) @ R495.00ea
    Lipstick Tangs @ R259.00ea
    Mata Tangs (Acanthurus Mata) @ R259.00ea
    Twinspot Bristletooth Tangs @ R259.00ea
    Green Mandarins @ R295.00ea
    Dwarf Lion fish @ R225.00ea
    Twin spot Gobies @ R355.00ea
    Spotted Mandarins @ R345.00ea
    Strawberry Grammas @ R215.00ea
    Japanese Swallowtail Angels @ R395.00ea
    Coral beauty Angels @ R259.00ea
    Bi-colour Angels @ R315.00ea
    Black (Keyhole) Angels @ R239.00ea
    Yellow Longnose Butterfly Fish @ R295.00ea
    Orange Skunk Clowns (bright colour) @ R135.00ea
    Ocellaris Clowns @ R135.00ea
    Green Chromis @ R59.00ea.

    Plus very healthy Corals, Carpet Anemonies & a few Peppermint & Cleaner Shrimps.

    Unfortunately, the Rand has taken a big dive recently and so prices have increased. However, we at Aquatic Vision, have tried to keep the increases as low as possible and as a result, you will still be able to get great stock at good prices!



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