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    ReefKoi has*just*sent over*these*images of the next Evolution LED light they are working on, and man this thing is going to be a Hoss! The fixture of the new EvoLed has a heavy duty all-aluminum construction which is a radical departure from previous designs and it will be sporting substantially more heatsinking than past models in order to accomodate the blindingly bright new LED clusters.

    Centered around a single multichip LED diode, the new EvoLED cluster has four ‘petals’ of five LED diodes for a total of twenty one discrete LEDs per cluster. Koi isn’t saying much about the new LED light, except that it will be built to higher standards.

    We expect that the new clusters in the Monster EvoLED will be a minimum of 20 watts for the multichip, and at least one watt per single diode, for a total of 40 to 50 watts per cluster, a number which will be limited more by the power supply, driver and thermal management abilities of the fixture than the LEDs themselves.

    What we’d really like to know more about is the multichip diode taking center stage on the cluster – it appears to not simply be a single color multichip but a multichip with multiple colors, we hope that’s the case. This is probably the first pictures of the one and only Monster EvoLED in development so a lot could change, but so far, we really like the direction that ReefKoi is taking his EvoLEDs.

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