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    Eviota pamae is a newly described species of goby which shows that although there’s a lot of beautiful new species being discovered, some more beautiful than others. Looking every bit like a miniature of the coveted sunrise hogfish from Hawaii, the sunrise dwarf goby from Indonesia is incredible in living pictures.

    Two broad red stripes cover most of the body of*Eviota pamae while a vivid yellow line runs through the eye, all the way across the body to the base of the tail. a smaller small bright yellow stripe is centered on the snout and streaks above the nape.

    The Indonesian dwarf goby Eviota pamae was collected*at Kei Besar, Kei Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesia. 42 of the gobies were collected, so they may not be rare and hopefully at least locally abundant. Eviota raja is the closest relative of E. pamae*but that species is known only from the Raja Ampat Islands of Papua New Guinea.

    The new species is described by Gerald R. Allen, William M. Brooks and Mark V. Erdmann in the latest issue of Aqua.



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    Wow hope to find one of these guys in our tanks in later years:)

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