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    The black membrane dwarf goby,*Eviota nigramembrana, is a new species of reef fish that packs a lot of color in a tiny package. Recently described by Greenfield & Suzuki in ZooTaxa, Eviota nigramembrana was discovered living on reefs of southern Japan and northern Philippines.

    The tiny black membrane dwarf goby is endowed with a beautiful blue-green and red coloration all over its body. The clearish fins extend from the blue green body which itself is adorned with a red edge to every scale while the face and head is a network of blue-green and red markings.

    The black membrane dwarf goby gets its name from a darkish region between the operculum and the base of the pectoral fin which is ‘peppered with melanophores’, the dark color cells which usually impart a black shade.

    Eviota-nigramembrana-2.jpg Eviota-nigramembrana-3.jpg
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