RSS Eviota kermadecensis and Paracaesio brevidentata two new species of reef fish

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    Paracaesio brevidentata and*Eviota kermadecensis are two recently described species of reef fish which may not get the reef aquarists clammoring for them, but at least it’s good to know that the Ichthyologists aren’t resting on their laurels.*Paracaesio brevidentata is a new species of snapper from Indonesia which differs from its congeners in having having very small teeth and jaws with no canines. The living coloration of*Paracaesio brevidentata is a brownish purple with a red caudal fin which is deeply forked.*Paracaesio brevidentata is described in the latest edition of Zootaxa by William White and Peter Last.*

    Eviota kermadecensis is a nano goby from New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands and it is the first record for an Eviota species in the region. The image of the preserved holotype specimen of*Eviota kermadecensis leaves much to be desired but if it looks anything like other species of Eviota, then E. kermadecensis would probably be a pretty aquarium fish, albeit a cold water one.*One of*the*features that stands out in Eviota kermadecensis is the elongated and filamentous first dorsal fin spine and the base of the pectoral fin is also adorned with two dark spots.*Interestingly, this species was first collected n deepwater dredges in 1976, yet it went 36 years before being formally described by Douglass Hoese and Andrew Stuart, also in the latest issue of Zootaxa.

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