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    We have a few more stunning images of the dichromatic Trachyphillia Walt Smith was teasing us with yesterday. One of Smith’s employees, Cameron Bee, clarified a bit more information on the coral and then shared a few new images on the company’s Facebook page.

    The biggest question we had was if the coral was spliced together but they clarified that it was found this way in nature. The coral has been sitting under T5s for the last three months and doing pretty well.

    We still want to know when this is coming stateside and who’s going to land it.

    946685_669076673109475_848782574_n1-150x150.jpg 1017611_669076636442812_691209877_n-150x150.jpg 1017285_669076633109479_471181271_n-150x150.jpg 969438_669076616442814_255314831_n-150x150.jpg
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