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8 May 2007
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The Euroquatics Angel LED was first announced more than a year ago and after a long period of incubation and continued refinement, the A1 and A1P are finally ready to start shipping and lighting up our reef tanks. Creating just an LED light that turns on and off with basic channel controls is easy enough, but Euroquatics has really dug in and worked hard to make sure that the experience of using their LED light fixture is complete, and fully refined.

The Euroquatics Angel LED comes in two types; the Angel A1 LED fixture has 95 watts, five channels of color control and it costs $575. Meanwhile the higher powered and more feature-rich Angel A1P LED fixture can crank up to 150 watts of lighting power, with seven channels of color control and it carries a street price of $680.

Both of Euroquatics’ Angel A1 and A1P LEDs have replaceable lens cluster with standard, deep and ultra deep lens kits that cost just $24.99 per pair. Also, wifi connectivity is standard for the Angel LED fixtures, being controllable from your smartphone through the Euroquatics Remote application.

In addition to the typical custom color settings and programming we have come to expect from higher end LED lights, the Euroquatics Remote App will also have some Preset Programs like ‘Fiji Sunset’, ‘Hawaiian Honeymoon’ and ‘Caribbean Vacation’. There are also Preset Moods like ‘Spa Retreat’ and ‘Romance’ to streamline the process of experiencing what a diversity of controllable and colorful LEDs can do.

The experience of installing and mounting the Angel LEDs is also made more refined by the availability of a dedicated rail mounting kit that retails for $49 for the 24″ version, and up to $119 for tanks up to five to six feet long. The Euroquatics Angel LED is currently available exclusively through Marine Depot, and begin shipping to users as of today. [Euroquatics]

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