Euro Bracing?

6 May 2007
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Hello All

I have just got a new tank - 1480x850x700 - all 12mm

Build quality is not the neatest but for the price I think I got a good deal - most of it is just untidy siliconing that a blade will sort out.

I asked for euro bracing top and bottom which has been done ok just the left and right top has no bracing - will this be ok or should I add this in?
i think it will be fine!since its 12 mm glass.
That should be fine, have seen a tank that is 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.6 with 12mm glass that has eurobracing on
You should be fine on the 12mm glass, but let one of the tank builders confirm.

I'm no expert as I've only ever built nano's, but I also think you should be ok. I you see any visible warping..... RUN!!
Have you ever heard of the saying..."A picture speaks a thousand words"? Let's see what your current bracing looks like.
Yea Yea I got no algae in this tank so will be happy to give a pic.... going out for a drink then will do it when I get home...
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