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    When I got into the hobby, I spent hours pouring over forums, websites, magazines and books arming myself with as much information as possible. One of the things that scared me the most was live rock hitchhikers. From aiptasia to crabs to mantis shrimp, I was sure I was going to get a nasty pest. Luckily I only had one a gorilla crab that eventually croaked. One hobbyist, TJ Burton, turned a hitchhiker into a pet.

    It seems he discovered a dreaded eunice worm in his live rock. After waging a battle to rid him of the serpent of doom, he ended up with a small portion of its head remaining and fighting to survice. He decided it might be interesting to see how this would fare in captivity. He set up a mini 5 gallon system and a couple of years later, he has this nasty pet aptly named Smaug.

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    Flip I love everything marine related......exept the worms that I find....

    After scratching my head for a long time wondering why some of my Zoa colonies were disapearing...TA DAH 25cm Eunice worm discovered, was a freaky 15 minute battle to get the bugger out of my tank.

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