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    Let’s face it, the reef aquarium world is so focused on fragging corals, growing corals better, keeping fish healthier and making good products that besides Kaitlyn Cameron and Karen Talbot, we don’t have much reef-art-culture coming from within the hobby. Thankfully, a lot of non-hobbyist artists like reef and marine creatures so there is a lot of this kind of artwork being produced. If you’ve never visited Etsy, you’re missing out on one of the richest sources of artisan products and creative and original art work of all mediums.

    The watercolor painting at right is one of our favorites, featuring a nice balance of texture and color with just enough reef motifs to balance out the concrete and abstract elements of this piece. 8×10″ prints of “Eel Reef” are only $10!

    There is so much good stuff on Etsy that we’ve been able to find* quite a bit of reef related art including prints, originals, jewelry and clothing. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home or your business, especially if you’re an LFS, take a look at these classy reef artworks that we’ve hand picked from a cursory window shopping stroll through the various galleries of Etsy.

    Ease on the Reef by HD Greer original painting $210


    Sultry Seahorse print by Jessica Doyle $30


    Sassy Sea Urchin print by Jessica Doyle $42


    Ocean Coral Reef scene original from PTaylor Designs $200


    Turquoise Coral Original painting 6×8 by Karin Grow $60

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