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    At Reef Builders we got mad love for the Dutch reefers and we’ve featured Tanne Hoffe, Leo Den Breejen, Pieter van Suijlekom (6 meter Pieter) and the Estherea Hotel, the latter of which has just been given a proper video update. Ever since we visited the Estherea Hotel and reported back with not one but two sets of light field photographs of this amazing aquariums in Amsterdam, Jan Willem’s masterpiece reef aquarium has been getting some much deserved attention. Two new videos that showcase the Estherea Hotel’s lobby reef tank includes one clip with lots of macro video of the corals, fish and reef life and another ‘full tank shot’ video that shows the Estherea reef tank from above and both sides of the room divider*aquarium.

    As a refresher the Estherea reef aquarium is located in the lobby of the Estherea Hotel in downtown Amsterdam, Holland and it is maintained by Jan Willem Esselaar. The Estherea reef is lit with a blanket of T5 fluorescent tubes in an actively cooled ATI T5 fixture. The tank is flowed with two large Tunze Turbelle Stream pump that are constantly on to produce a gyre around this ten foot long room divider aquarium. The original Estherea reef aquarium is seven years old although it received a major overhaul in coral population and aquascape structure*about*two years ago.

    Jan Willem also uses ZeoVit additives, but not all and no zeolites as well as two Bubble King Mini200 protein skimmers and Red Dragon pumps for the return. Although Jan Willem has been watching reef aquarium LED lighting progress from the sidelines, we gave him some suggestions for supplemental LED lights and some feedback on LED fixtures that could compliment his current set up so it’s only a matter of time before Jan Willem takes the LED plunge.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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