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    The Eshopps Nano skimmer is Eshopps’ latest skimmer aimed at the nano crowd. Measuring at 11.5 x 2.25 x 4.5 this skimmer is tiny, but it certainly packs a punch and some neat features. Eshopps ads and a certain display tank at MACNA with peppermint angelfish (yes they are plastic) have been taking away the attention from the actual skimmer however, which is*unfortunate*since this a great little skimmer. Keep reading for the full review.

    The Eshopps nano skimmer is very solidly built, making it clear that quality craftman ship is becoming a priority for Eshopps. The acrylic is nice and thick, and all parts of the skimmer feel durable, with none*feeling*flimsy or cheap. The design of the skimmer is simple, and we certainly like the build in nano diffuser plate. The Eshopps nano skimmer is powered by a Sicce Micra pump, which has some slight modifications to the pump body. A magnet holds up the skimmer, allowing for easy placement and height adjustment. It is not the strongest magnet in the world, so you’ll definitely want to stick with thinner glass, but the skimmer is meant for nano systems anyways











    When opening the Eshopps Nano skimmer box you’ll be greeted with the skimmer body, the Sicce Micra pump, a piece of silicone tubing, and an air silencer. To install simply attach the pump (with tubing and air silencer attached) and drop the skimmer into the tank. To adjust water level, simply move the skimmer body up and down. To adjust the airflow, a sliding adjustment on the Sicce Micra pump can be used to modify air levels. It really is that simple, no need to adjust thumb screws or valves. With the simplicity comes less precise control, so it is up to you what you prefer.

    The Sicce Micra pump have been around for a long time, and there are probably quite a few OG reefers out there that have 20 year old versions laying around in their garage/fish room (our*own Jake Adams included). There obviously have been quite a few changes since the original model, which mainly includes the slider which adjusts air intake, but the essence of the pump is the same. Which means you’re using 20 years worth of proven, made in Italy pumps.






    Throughout the testing period, performance of the skimmer has been consistent, although like all skimmer the Eshopps nano skimmer had to break in a bit first. The skimmer is rated for 10-35 gallons, although for heavily stocked tanks you’d probably want to stick closer to the 10-15 gallon range. The Eshopps nano skimmer retails for $109.95 and can be ordered through your favorite dry goods retailer.
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