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    The Eshopps IV doser series of dosing pump is the veteran acrylic filter manufacturer’s first foray into the more mechanical side of the aquarium hobby. Eshopps will be making the IV doser in a 2-channel master unit and a 3-channel slave unit in a beautiful Reef Builders blue specifically to appeal to our aesthetic. We kid, blue and white is traditional Eshopps motifs as well but anyway, we like the color.

    The 2-channel Eshopps IV-200 master dosing pump unit will retail for around $279-299 while the 3-channel Eshopps IV-300 should cost about $20 less. It’s about time someone made a strictly two-channel dosing pump – most master dosing pump systems are either three or four channels, or it’s a simple dumb stand-alone pump but the most basic thing reefers need to dose is a two part Calcium & alkalinity solution.

    Eshopps has taken great care to simplify to programming of the different dosing channels and has also included some novel stickers to identify which pump channel is dosing what to your reef tank. The IV 200 & IV 300 dosing pump systems will begin shipping January 21st, in the meantime Eshopps is holding a giveaway of their IV doser in conjunction with Red Sea to let you win it before you can buy it.

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