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    The Eshopps S300 is a larger new protein skimmer with a beefy spec sheet. Eshopps is growing their Cone skimmer family with a larger model, and including some new features. The new S300 protein skimmer is powered with a Sicce PSK1200 pump, and includes a new bubble plate design. The design comprises of several layers of diffusion to minimize turbulence, especially the multi part baffling ‘diffuser plate’.

    The Eshopps S300 is rated up to 300 gallons of water, and includes their tried and true twist lock neck for easy cleaning. Eshopps anticipates S300 skimmer to hit the market in a few months. No details on pricing yet. Another thing worth noting is that all Eshopps skimmers are officially Sicce powered. The internal placement of the Sicce needle wheel inside the body makes the Eshopps S300 a powerful skimmer with a minimal footprint.

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