equipment needed for pristine water

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    Hey all

    My tank cracked at the back one morning and Im still trying to figure out what caused it to break. :( .....

    Anyway I am waiting on my new tank, dorrys is building it so I cant wait for the tank to be delivered and get up and going. :thumbup:

    Looking at this situation from a positive point its a great way to start out fresh, so I was wondering what I should add to get pristine water quality and happy livestock....

    I currently have the following equipment in sump:

    13 mm playsand
    Some macro algae

    So I think this is about the bare minimum to have in a tank and want to know what else will be a good addition, I read about activated carbon but it looks like there is some positive and negative comments about this also filter pads and all that types of stuff....

    I want clear water, as clear as possible so any advice would be appreciated :lol:
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    Carbon is a great water polisher and removes all colourants and reduces DOC's. Yes it does remove trace elements, amino acids and such but those are replenished through additions and water changes. Be sure to soak your carbon in 90 degree RO water for 24 hours to remove the excess phosphates, although the ORCA diamond carbon is phosphate free. The carbon also needs to be replaced on a monthly basis as it can become saturated with pollutants and release them back

    Sponge pads are also good to trap solids and detritus which you remove before they pollute your water but they do trap pods.

    Other products like Seachem purigen are also good pollutant removers and water polishers which you place in a mesh bag and leave it in a high flow area in your sump. The nice thing is that it can be regenerated with bleach for re-use.

    A strong biological filter also is imperative for clear water, so bacteria additions will help boost your tanks population and keep your water clear

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