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    3 May 2013
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    Hi Guys,

    More questions from me. I have gone through big portions of this site and it is quite a lot to take in. I am finalizing my reef tank design , incorporating suggestions from my previous post,

    and I want to get your inputs on the equipment I intend to buy. I have seen many members state that rather get the basic equipment right and leave the other stuff.

    What I am planning to use from the get go (total tank volume ~ 300 litre):

    - Reef Octopus TS1 protein skimmer
    - Hailea HX-6530 return Pump.
    - Thermometer / Heater
    - Refractometer (Reef Octopus)
    - 2 x Saio 1,200l/h Propeller Powerhead
    - Lighting still to be designed (if you guys know of any decent of the shelve units with a budget in mind i would appreciate suggestions, otherwise I will follow the thread on lighting design and do my own)
    - Auto top up DIY with RO reservoir

    To get later:

    - Hailea HC-150A Chiller

    This is what I got. Any additions / alterations / suggestions welcome.

    Thank you
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    Port Elizabeth
    Sounds good... :)

    The powerheads might be a little under rated (I ran 5000l/hr in my Tl 550 - 128 liter). So you might wane up them a bit.

    Rest of the stuff looks good.

    Also, speak to Andre at reef aquatics, they have some nice LED units at affordable prices...

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