Enter the Dragon

4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
Hey Guy's my name is Anthony and I would like to share my tank with you :dft010:

This system has been running for just over a year now. In fact in turned 1 last week. The system design was a collaberation between myself and my good reefkeeping Buddy Cerven. By this stage the SPS bug had bitten me badly, so this system was designed around that. I wanted lots of flow, big lighting and an effecient means for nutrient removal. Skimming was also high on the priority list.

The tank was constructed from 10mm glass on a floating base. Dimesions are 200cm long x 80cm wide by 75cm deep. Sump is 120cm x 60cm x 50cm.
Equipment as follows:
3 x 250W MH powered by Icecap Electronic Ballasts
2 x 54w T5's
2 x 39W T5's
1 x 140W VHO actinic

Water movement
2 x 6100 Streams
2 x 6000 Streams
1 x Nano stream
Ocean Runner 6500 return pump

Reef Octopus DNW 200
Deltec APF 600

Ca Reactor
Reef Octopus run with a Tunze CO2 controller

Haliea / Aqua Medic

That's most of the major stuff.
This is the result:

Left Side:
Right Side:

Elegance Coral - Had it about 4 years now

Green Millepora - Tank lit by T5's only in these pics
This setup has been my inspiration for a long time.

Very very well done :clap:
Montipora Capricornis

TV arial Acro :)

This Acro has reached the water surface

I will elaborate a bit later on how my sump ended up outside and was another collaberation with another of my Reefkeeping Buddy's Alan. Fortunealty I had the space and it worked out perfectly.
This shows the sump on the verandah and the main display in the lounge

More of the sump

Reef Octo with about 2 days worth of skimmate
Awsome setup dude
Dude that TV aerial acro looks happy to see me... :rofl:
Sorry guy's I was so busy posting that I didn't see the replies inbetween.

Thanks Galibore ;)

Copperband, i did have ich issues with the PB for the first 3 weeks. I didn't specificaly treat him for it. Left him alone and let his immune system fight it off.

Coly you referrring to the Acro growing to the surface ?
Rory stop leading my corals astray... :lol:
Looking awsum dude, you the lucky one can visit the sump and see the tank at the same time, and if you put you lap top on the table bingo all three at once.
Yes excellent setup, the key is the the 800mm depth, which is what i will be aiming for in my next tank. I just wish someone had told me first time round.
Hmmm think you need to tell me how to tune my skimmer.....

Tank is looking good.... very good
3 x 250W MH .. I was sold then already, awesome tank ! Lovely size

lol, Thanks Muz - I see I didn't include the lamps - they are 14k BLV's
Aaah, now you are just showing off ! LOL.. rightfully so mate, well done..
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