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    Score another victory for CoralVue. Elos has just announced the transfer of North American distribution and customer support for Elos products to CoralVue effective June 1, 2013.

    The news comes at a time where Elos USA has had a minimal presence — both at industry events and on customers’ shelves. The high-quality products from the Italian manufacturer will certainly begin to make a stronger presence in the US and Canada thanks to CoralVue’s distribution network.

    “Our first goal is to replenish the Elos product to current Elos customers and kindle any lost ones if possible,” said the company in an email. ” Consumable products like aqua test kits and foods will be available as early as next week.”

    For customers who have purchased products still under warranty from Elos USA will have their products supported by CoralVue. Sadly, all current and unfulfilled orders through Elos USA will become null and void meaning you will have to take it up with Elos USA to settle.*Additionally, moving forward all customer service and support issues for the product line — including repairs, returns or refunds — will be handled through CoralVue.

    This isn’t the only significant distribution win for CoralVue VP of sales Chris Conti and team. In October 2011 CoralVue took over as the North American distributor for Maxspect*along with carrying other popular brands including Reef Octopus.

    As we mentioned before, Elos USA had minimal visibility in the US market despite high demand for the quality Italian aquarium product line. This announcement comes on the heels of an online customer support forum addition to the Elos USA website this week, being a bit too little and too late to save the relationship.*We are uncertain what will happen to the Elos USA domain but we assume it will shutter soon.

    We are looking forward to great things from the Elos and CoralVue partnership and hope to see an Elos contingent at MACNA, Reef-a-palooza and Reef Stock in the coming months. Read on for the full press release:

    May 28, 2013

    Transfer of North American Distribution and Customer Support

    Dear Elos Customers,

    Effective June 1st, 2013, CoralVue Industries (hereinafter CoralVue) will be taking over North American distribution of the complete line of Elos products.

    For customers who had previously purchased Elos products from Elos USA the remaining warranty of your products will be honored and supported by CoralVue. All current and unfulfilled orders placed to Elos USA will become null and void immediately. Any outstanding monies or credits owed to or by Elos USA must be settled with Elos USA. CoralVue assumes no liability for debt or products owed by Elos USA.

    Elos USA will no longer be responsible for any customer services or support for the Elos product line such as repairs, returns or refunds. All claims shall be made through CoralVue.

    If you have any questions or inquires regarding this arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact CoralVue at the following phone number or email address.

    Phone: Chris Conti 985-718-1465
    Email :

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Nicola Gandini
    Elos s.r.1.

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