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8 May 2007
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The Spiralo Protein Skimmer from Elos is a very interesting new product with a unique pipeless design. The low-footprint Spiralo has an adjustable flapper valve in the base that controls the outflow of water from the protein skimmer body.

The Elos Spiralo is powered with an internal mounted, controllable DC pump called the Elos Silent Flow. The new protein skimmer concept is named the Spiralo for its unique spiral-shaped bubble diffuser.

The unusual 3D spiral is not only for diffusing bubbles, but also for increasing contact time of the air-water mixture, and imparting the froth a little bit of spin on its way out for further increasing the contact time within the body. The prototype on display currently has a 3D printed neck and spiral which we are assured will be crystal clear when it comes to production.

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