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8 May 2007
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Elos recently unveiled the new QuietDrain overflow, which is a patented technique for allowing an immense amount of water volume through a tiny little overflow box. For such a small little box, the new Elos QuietDrain packs a surprising number of features in tiny space, and it does so much more than just pass water through.

We’re not exactly sure how the new Elos QuietDrain manages to pass upwards of 5,000 gallons per hour through a single drain pipe, and how it does it so silently, but perhaps it leverages the siphoning of water as it drains. Elos founder Nicolas Gandini showed us the QuietDrain in action and there’s no question that it drains a ton of water with hardly any sound.

The QuietDrain normally runs a water level high inside the overflow box, a setting which is fine tuned with an acrylic key to reduce noise from splashing. When we brought up a concern of what happens if the drain gets clogged with small debris, Nicolas showed us that the Elos QuietDrain features a built in safety feature.

When water level rises in the tank, it will close off an air valve in the top of the QuietDrain creating a kind of siphoning feature which immediately increases the draining capacity of the whole assembly. Being able to pass so much water through the QuietDrain in addition to having a safety draining feature is a huge plus for this new device from Elos.

The Elos QuietDrain features adjustment knobs both for the drain and the returning water to the tank, helping to fine tune the draining rate to a level that is imperceptible. But the return side of the QuietDrain also has a little secret sauce, with a special dial that helps to balance out the water being pumped into the tank.

The digital driver for the new Elos SilentFlow DC pump

The whole point of the QuietDrain is not only to take up a smaller footprint in the aquarium, but also to allow so much water to be pumped through the aquarium so that additional circulation powerheads and propeller pumps are no longer required. This is where the Elos SilentFlow comes in, by providing the perfect adjustable amount of water flow in an efficient and controllable DC pump which is perfectly in synch with the QuietDrain overflow.

Elos is already renowned for making the best glass aquariums in the business, but they’re really elevating the holistic nature of their craft by streamlining the water flow delivery and draining of their aquariums. With the QuietDrain overflow, SilentFlow pump and their Absolute Line of aquarium stands which further reduce noise and splashing, Elos is continuing to push push our expectations of what a perfectly designed aquarium should be like. [Elos]


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